Writing a good essay is not as difficult as some people think. Especially if you plan it out carefully and then follow these six easy steps.

Start with a thesis statement -- You cannot write an essay if you do not know what your thesis statement is. A thesis statement is basically nothing more than the point you are going to make.

Once you know what that point is, you then need to decide what your argument will be o back it up.

Research your thesis statement -- It is not good enough to have a thesis statement, as you should have evidence to back it up.

This is where research comes in, as just a few hours of research will usually get you all the evidence you need.

Think of three or four arguments -- Now you need to find at least three or four arguments to back up your thesis statement, using the research you have done.

Once you have jotted these arguments down on paper, it is easier to see where your essay is going and where it will end up.

Come up with counter arguments -- A good essay usually also includes counter arguments. These are arguments that look at the thesis statement and come up with reasons why it may be wrong.

You should also incorporate a couple of these into your essay, as your arguments will then look stronger if you do and can then dispute them.

Write a rough draft -- Now you have all of the information you need, write a rough draft so you know where your essay will end up.

Write it quickly without worrying too much about what it looks or sound likes, as your finished essay will not look anything like this.

Write your finished essay -- Once you have all this information plus a rough draft, it will not take you long to write your finished essay.

Then all you need to do is to check your grammar is correct and that you have not included any spelling mistakes. Learn more information about the best essay maker come visit our site.