If you often have to write essays for school, and do not find it easy to do at all, you might not have ever thought something called an online article generator can help.

In fact, if you use an article generator in the right way, not only can it help you write your essays much faster, it can help you write them better as well.

What is an article generator? -- This is a piece of online software that is hosted on a variety of websites around the Internet.

The generator can create an article on any subject, as long as it is given keywords that describe the article you want.

How to use an article generator -- Every online article generator works in a similar way.

First, you need to decide which keywords describe the article you need writing. Then choose the number of words the article must be, and if you want it to be well-researched and unique. Once you have done this, click on the button that starts the article generator creating an article and wait. Your article will be produced in less than a minute.

How to use the article generated -- As you did not write the article, you cannot just hand it in to your professor as being your own work.

You can, however, use the article as a starting point for your own essay. You can use the research it includes, the arguments the paper is based around, the information about each point and its conclusion.

If you do this, while you will still be writing your own essay, the essay that has been generated can save you hours in research and in writing.

Do this every time you need to write a new essay, and your schoolwork could suddenly become much easier.