Should you use an article generator to help you with your schoolwork?

If you are still in school, whether it is high school or university, you will need to write essays. Unless you are a born writer, however, these essays can be quite difficult to do, which is why many people use an article generator online to generate articles for them.

Is using an article generator a good thing to do, though, or will it not help you with your schoolwork at all?

When using an article generator is a good idea -- There are certain times when you should use an article generator if you are having trouble keeping up with all the essays being assigned to you.

The main reason is when you have an idea for an essay, but really do not have time to write it yet.

When this is the case, you can key in your idea to an article generator using the keywords you will need, and it will then create an essay for you. Once you have the essay, you can then use this as just a foundation for your own essay but, because it has already been written and has some information you should be able to use, it will make it easier for you to write your own completed essay.

When should you not use an article generator? -- These are not good things to use if you plan on just having it write your essay for you, and then hand it in to your professor in exactly the same form the article generator created it in.

This will usually mean your professor will eventually discover you have used an article generator and accuse you of plagiarism. Use it as a base for your own research and your own writings, however, and you should not have any problem at all.